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Deisch, Marion, & Klaus, P.C., continues a tradition of providing exceptional legal services since its inception in 1919. The firm's members are experienced trial lawyers who aggressively represent their clients throughout all stages of negotiation, trial, arbitration, or appeal. Clients of Deisch, Marion, & Klaus include insurance companies providing all lines of coverage, product manufacturers and distributors, self-insured entities, banks, mortgage lenders, individuals with routine legal matters, and small businesses faced with a wide range of contractual and commercial issues. The firm's depth of experience and flexibility allows it to focus on the unique circumstances facing each client. Deisch, Marion, & Klaus specializes in the defense of civil claims and the pursuit of subrogation on behalf of insurance carriers and self-insureds.
851 Clarkson Street, Denver, Colorado, 80218-3205 Telephone: (303) 837-1122 - Facsimile: (303) 832-6750